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This conference was located at The Ritz Carlton hotel on Amelia Island, located outside Jacksonville, Florida. 

Unlike much of tropical Florida, Amelia Island is a barrier island with an aesthetic reminiscent of the
humid, sleepy South with lush Spanish moss hanging from trees. From these surroundings, the logo colors
were chosen. Using fonts with sweeping movement to reflect the ocean, the typography 
the theme
 of the conference: The One. With the Jesus’ Crown of Thorns representing the ‘O,’ the meaning
is quickly
 deciphered by the viewer. Adding a swash anchors the type and creates soft movement,
providing contrast to sharp thorns. 

Conference Advertisements

Courting the audience with enticing messages and meaningful speaker topics begins months in advance of the actual event. Advertisements
a monthly editorial magazine begin by provide save-the-date messaging and gradually increase into 2- and 4-page sections presenting speakers, venue highlights, and travel information. Consistent and impactful

branding creates positive engagement. Across all communication

channels, ads direct to an event website which provides all

registration and event details.

Conference Email Campaigns

Email communications are an important component to the overall campaign. Email provides inbox and clickable moments for the viewer
to engage with the brand and the event. Email is a great way to alert audiences to upcoming deadlines, news, and event updates. 

Conference Program

The audience has arrived and the conference has begun!
Now you need to communicate all the details about the event offerings, schedule, breakout opportunities, speaker biographies, and venue navigation--while consistently presenting your brand values and staying on-theme. 
This 32-page program is the culmination of the The One marketing campaign.

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